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Simply Explained. Section 7 Child Support - Special or Extraordinary Expenses

Section 7 Child Support refers to the additional financial support that covers special expenses related to raising a child after separation or divorce. These special expenses are typically beyond the basic everyday costs of raising a child and can include things like:

  1. Childcare Costs: This includes expenses related to daycare, babysitting, or after-school care that allows the custodial parent to work or attend school.

  1. Medical and Dental Expenses: This involves costs not covered by insurance, such as orthodontic treatments, prescription medications, or necessary medical equipment.

  1. Educational Expenses: These can include fees for private school, tutoring, or educational programs that benefit the child.

  1. Extracurricular Activities: This covers fees for sports, arts, or other activities that promote the child's development and interests.

  1. Post-Secondary Education: This pertains to costs related to higher education, such as tuition, books, and living expenses if the child pursues further education after high school.

  1. Travel Expenses: If the parents live far apart, costs associated with transportation for visitation purposes might also be considered under Section 7.

It's important to note that not all special expenses are automatically covered under Section 7 Child Support. The determination of whether an expense qualifies depends on factors like the child's needs, the parent's financial situation, and the family's overall circumstances.

When calculating Section 7 Child Support, both parents are expected to contribute to these special expenses in proportion to their incomes. Alberta's child support guidelines provide a framework for determining the appropriate amount that each parent should contribute.

If there are disputes about which expenses should be considered under Section 7 or how the costs should be divided, it's recommended to seek legal advice or mediation to ensure a fair and balanced resolution that benefits the child's well-being.

In summary, Section 7 Child Support in Alberta ensures that both parents share the responsibility of covering additional expenses that are essential for the child's growth, development, and quality of life after a separation or divorce.

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